Tarmac and nettles

Now that it’s the sharp end of marathon training, I’m settling into a bit of a pattern with my Thursday long runs: run through town to a quiet waterside path and then follow said quiet waterside path for requisite number of miles. This week I was back at home in Newcastle, which does not have a handy canal like Edinburgh and Colne were able to provide the prior couple of weeks. Instead it has a giant old river and a path that runs along it sometimes and sometimes not. As such, it required a bit more mental work in terms of making sure I was going the right way. I’m still having a few issues on the long runs, but gradually solving them one by one.

Work is gradually settling down, which means I can have a proper weekend for the next couple of days. Really looking forward to it!

Warning sign
No swimming! This sign has clearly been around for a while judging by the ’80s-style font.

This week’s earworm playlists:


Alan Hawkshaw – ‘Grange Hill Theme’
Madonna – ‘Borderline’


Blondie – ‘Rapture’
Hot Butter – ‘Popcorn’


Welshly Arms – ‘Sanctuary’


Republica – ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’
Leo Sayer – ‘Moonlighting’


Duran Duran – ‘Hungry Like The Wolf’
Billy Ocean – ‘Love Really Hurts Without You’


Shoji Meguro – ‘Heretic Mansion’
Duran Duran and Chai – ‘More Joy’


The Beatles – ‘She Loves You’

And a bonus track Geth was humming earlier:

Carter USM – ‘Lean On Me I Won’t Fall Over’

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