2020 Pestos #1: Tesco Red Pesto

We move onto a new year of food reviewing, and in 2020 I decided to log pestos. Pasta and pesto is my very favourite food and I still eat it multiple times a week (I need the carbs for all the running I do!). I do tend to stick to my favourites, though, so it was good to branch out a bit last year and try new versions. This actually became a necessity during the early ‘hoarding’ phase of the pandemic – at that point, you just had to grab what you could get when it came to food in jars!

The first pesto of the year, though, came at a time when barely anybody in the UK was batting an eyelid about coronavirus. I had this Tesco Red Pesto for my birthday lunch on 3rd January 2020 – I was still in Edinburgh so it would have been a jar that Mum and Dad happened to have in their cupboard.

Tesco Red Pesto
Tesco Red Pesto.

This is one of these supermarket pestos that has a slightly weaker taste – it tastes more like a standard processed tomato pasta sauce (perhaps one on the richer end, like the Loyd Grossman pasta sauces) than a pesto. As such, if I had this again I would add some parmesan to give it a bit more flavour.

Nice light option though!

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