Phone Box Thursday: The Wrong Phone Box #4: Doctor Who, ‘The War Machines’ (1966)

It’s the final phone box from ‘The War Machines’!

This box features fairly prominently in episode four, as it’s right next to the location where the Doctor and his allies are setting a trap for a War Machine.

Doctor Who, 'The War Machines' (1966)
This was the first Doctor Who serial to set the tone for later UNIT stories, as the Doctor collaborates with the army to defeat the menace of the week. The phone box is a K2, which were (and still are to an extent) commonplace in London.

The Doctor Who Locations entry places this phone box in Cornwall Gardens Walk – which I could have figured out for myself in this instance seeing as the street signs are displayed fairly prominently in the episode!

Here’s the Street View image: 51°49’66.6″N, 0°18’89.6″W. The phone box is gone – there must have been thousands of K2 boxes in London originally as there are still lots in existence even after so many were removed! However, the distinctive garage door on the left is still intact, as is the lamppost behind which the phone box originally stood.

Doctor Who, 'The War Machines' (1966)
The Doctor in front of the phone box.

A rare sighting of the Doctor in front of a non-police phone box!

We’ll move onto a new Doctor Who story next week.

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