Inside and out

Another mile today…

…and I’ll probably keep going with that until the weekend.

I’m getting my words in for my NaNo every day, though I’m finding it fairly tough going this year. I’m doing a loose collection of short stories, each set in a different universe that I’ve previously written about, and I’m hoping that the project will help me identify what I want to focus on next in terms of my writing. The nature of 2020 has made it quite hard to write recently, so it’s good to have a daily wordcount target to hit.

With lockdown approaching, the disconnect between my cosy inside world, where Geth and I are always comfy and home, and the terrifying outside world just seems to be getting ever more bizarre and pronounced 🙁 I’m not sure how we’ll ever go back to any semblance of normal.

I’ve got lots of distractions ready for this evening to help me stay calm, though I will of course be following the US election results pretty avidly. I’m not sure what sleep is going to look like tonight!

Another quiet day for writing tomorrow, I hope.

Christmas craft book
My favourite Christmas craft book will be one of tonight’s distractions. Hoping to get some craft projects on the go this month – I usually never get round to it!

Today’s earworm playlist:

There’s been nothing in my head today. Unusual, but it does happen sometimes!

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