A quieter weekend ahead

One more mile-ish run today…

…but tomorrow I’m going to go for three miles in order to get back into my Saturday morning routine of doing a parkrun-length run. I’ll be taking it very easy as I’ve still got a few twinges and stiff joints, but it’ll be really nice to try running for a bit longer again.

Geth is doing his longest run of the year on Sunday so our weekend is going to be based around that – in non-running terms it will be very quiet and hopefully quite relaxing.

I’ll post my usual running vlogs over the weekend (and possibly a couple of race reviews if I can get them written!), but otherwise I’ll be back with an update on Monday.

Doc Martens
This week I cleaned up my old Doc Martens in preparation for the winter. I’ve been neglecting them in favour of a pair of Clarks boots the last few winters, but said Clarks boots have now died a death and my shoe-buying rule for the 2020s is that I’m only allowed to buy new shoes when absolutely needed for practical purposes (hence the three new pairs of running shoes this year and nothing else), so the Docs are going back into service. I also have a patent white pair that are not quite as winter-practical, but will be nice to wear on dry days.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Queen – ‘I Want It All’
Doves – ‘Catch The Sun’

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