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Several shorter runs today…

…as today was my first session of specific training for my 24-hour London Marathon challenge, i.e. first session of running several mile(ish)-long runs on the same day. I’ll be doing this quite a lot over the next few weeks in order to get used to the hourly runs scheduled for the 4th of October. I’ve already learnt quite a few things just from doing four runs at three-hour intervals over the course of today!

When I’ve not been running, I’ve been working. As I explained yesterday, the September rush has started, so I’m juggling a lot of clients at the moment. I don’t mind busy work weeks like this, though, as it means I have more momentum than on weeks when it’s a bit piecemeal and stop-start (i.e. most weeks!).

Have also enjoyed a nice yoga session, and am now putting my feet up with some YouTube videos this evening.

Between runs
I spent most of today hanging around in my old trackies from my 1990s teenage years in order to keep warm. Planning lots of kit changes for the 24-hour challenge because I felt a bit grim being in the same stuff all day!

Today’s earworm playlist:

Rizzle Kicks – ‘Down With the Trumpets’

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