Wall thoughts

I managed a ten-mile midweek run today…

…which is not something I usually find time for during the week! I need to get the miles in before the Virtual Great North Run, though, which takes place in about two and a half weeks’ time.

I’m thinking a lot about putting stuff on my walls again. This is something I think about a lot (need to put that picture up! need to paint that wall! need to wallpaper this room!) but rarely get round to. Next week is meant to be a bit quieter (as it stands!), so maybe I’ll get round to doing something then. Presuming my attention hasn’t wandered over to something else!

Today was similar to yesterday. In addition to my run, I managed a walk, a yoga session, and some day job work. Tomorrow will be similar again, though my run will be a lot shorter and I will be doing my day job work first thing so that I can get it back to the client promptly.

I’ll also maybe order some of that stuff for the walls…

Dalek poster
One of the few things that I’ve actually put on the walls in the two and a half years since we moved into this house. Like most house stuff, it’s a can that just keeps getting kicked down the road.

Today’s earworm playlist:

The LAs – ‘There She Goes’
The Lancashire Hotpots – ‘Ebay ‘Eck’

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