Weekend tidying up

One more mile this morning…

…before the longer weekend plods. The weather is meant to be miserable this weekend so the Sunday long run may get shunted to Monday if I really can’t face it. We’ll see.

I’ll be polishing off my Adventuron jam game for a little longer than expected this weekend, as the jam deadline has been extended. Nice to have the breathing room! I spent most of today implementing the changes I identified as necessary during Geth’s playtest last night, as well as a few tweaks that I’d been listing over the last week or so. Tomorrow will mainly be focused on creating my Itch page/promotion stuff and making everything look nice, then on Sunday I’ll be able to run through the different versions of the game a few more times just to be sure!

I really enjoy this process, but I am looking forward to kicking back and playing the other games from Monday onwards. I’ll be posting the usual running vlog updates over the weekend, but there may also be some game-related posts if I have time.

Rainbow decoration
My surrounding game decoration has a bit of a rainbow theme this time round.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Carbon Leaf – ‘What About Everything?’
All Saints – ‘Pure Shores’
The Cure – ‘Boys Don’t Cry’
Mesh – ‘Automation Baby’

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