Still not woken up

Another slow recovery mile…

…leading to another slow day. I’m still a lot more tired than usual. I got some day job work done today, and also a bit of my own writing, so I am getting stuff done – I’m just feeling really sluggish and out of it this week.

I’ve got a bit more admin to do this evening, but I’m hoping to get it finished soon so that I can explore the last bonus world in realMyst: Masterpiece Edition. I want to finish the game before my copy of the new Paper Mario game shows up at the weekend!

A slightly longer run tomorrow, and probably another day that feels like wading through treacle. We’ll see.

Pencil notes
Videogaming notes written with paper and pencil, like it’s the 20th century or something. I’d started off writing them on my phone, but then I had to draw some physical maps, and so it all got a bit retro.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Nobuo Uematsu – ‘Temple of Chaos’

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