Rabbit holes

I woke up late today, so it was just a mile again this morning…

…and a slow one to boot, but I’m okay with that. I’m just taking it as it comes now until London Marathon make their announcement.

I’ve been down a bit of a rabbit hole today (but a fun rabbit hole) doing research for tomorrow’s Phone Box Thursday post. It’s going to be interesting doing a slightly different style of post until I can get out and about and start collecting phone boxes again.

Just a couple of hours working on my coding now (I am making multiple short games at the moment, which are a lot of fun to work on!), and then I will spend a bit more time on Paper Mario tonight.

Christmas wrapping
Another potential project for the next couple of months: make some Christmas decorations out of old scraps of wrapping paper. I always intend to do stuff like that and end up leaving it too late!

Today’s earworm playlist:

Manami Kiyota – ‘Satorl Marsh’
Abba – ‘SOS’
Nina – ‘Automatic Call’
Nobuo Uematsu – ‘Cosmo Canyon’

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