Phone Box Thursday: Lostwithiel Street, Fowey

This week’s phone box is another one that Bill and Fiona found in Cornwall earlier this year – a very nicely repainted one this time.

Blue phone box
Blue phone box, Lostwithiel Street, Fowey, 20th February 2020.

(Coordinates 50°33’57.4″N, 4°63’75.2″W.)

The box is also painted in this nice blue and green colour scheme in the above Street View image, which must be fairly recent. But wait…

If you try to move closer to the phone box, you get this older image, which shows how the box looked when it was still red!

While the classic red colour is iconic, I do like the look of interestingly-repainted phone boxes – it indicates that they’re being looked after, if nothing else!

One last phone box picture from Cornwall next week.

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