I ended up just doing a mile today…

…as I didn’t feel that well when I woke up. I had planned to do my delayed weekend long run today, but I think I’ll be trying to make up the mileage later in the week instead.

As such, I got my day job work out of the way first today, and then went for my short run in the afternoon. Since then, I’ve been catching up with admin, and am looking forward to playing some jam entry games tonight.

I’m still feeling a bit physically poorly and mentally fried, but I think that’s just because I’ve been so busy over the last few days and weeks. This week is just going to involve some quiet catching up with admin and housework, and a lot of playing of videogames rather than making them.

I’m still really pleased to have released my most recent game last night. You can play it here!

As a result, I’ve not got much planned for tomorrow!

The Cave of Hoarding
An updated graphic for my first jam game, The Cave of Hoarding. To celebrate the sequel coming out, I made some quick replacements for the shonky old original graphics. This pile of treasure sums up my feelings when I submit a game at the end of a jam!

Today’s earworm playlist:

Mott The Hoople – ‘All The Young Dudes’
Idina Menzel – ‘Into The Unknown’

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