Phone Box Thursday: Porthpean Beach Road, St Austell

So… when I said last week that we’d be moving back up north, just pretend I actually said ‘west’ – I’d forgotten which phone box series I was scheduled to do next!

Bill very kindly sent me a few phone box pictures from a trip to Cornwall in February, so we will be enjoying the land of pirates and beaches for the next couple of weeks (I wish I was there for real right now – I bet it’s glorious at the moment).

Red phone box
Red phone box, Porthpean Beach Road, St Austell, 19th February 2020.

(Coordinates 50°32’15.5″N, 4°77’00.4″W.)

A nice smart defibrillator box, which means it will hopefully be of use for some time. The defibrillator company posted on Facebook about the installation of the defibrillator – it has been in place since 2018, apparently!

More from Cornwall next week.

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