Phone Box Thursday: B7065, Kirkmaiden

Here’s the last of the phone boxes that Mum and Dad found for me while on their adventures in 2019.

Red phone box
Red phone box, B7065, Kirkmaiden, 29th October 2019.

(Coordinates 54°69’17.2″N, 4°91’22.9″W.)

This is quite a fun one! It’s been overgrown with ivy, which is now protruding inside the box. Probably not the greatest thing for the health of the phone box, but it looks very cool!

The Google Street View image, as is standard for rural Scotland, is from a decade previously in 2009 – at which point the box was not ivy-laden at all! Maybe at some point it will be immersed totally, escape the fate of being shipped off to the phone box graveyard, and be rediscovered by archaeologists in a few centuries’ time…

Update April 2023: it was a nice thought, but no. The phone box is now ivy-free!

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