Phone Box Thursday: A714, Pinwherry

An interesting example from Mum and Dad’s Scottish travels today.

Red phone box
Red phone box, A714, Pinwherry, 21st October 2019.

(Coordinates 55°14’45.0″N, 4°83’12.0″W.)

However… the coordinates above aren’t quite correct, as is obvious if you look at the box’s surroundings in the Google Street View image! According to Dad, the phone box is currently in a temporary position:

This phone box is in Pinwherry, on the A714.

It appears to be in the process of being moved – as you can see, it’s in
a field. There’s a notice which says where the nearest defibrillator is
(some way away); the box is being turned into a defibrillator box.

Its present position is close to, but not exactly where it is on Google
street view.’

I did try to find the coordinates of the current location, but I’m not sure it’s accessible via Street View! I can’t see the wooden gate (seen in the below wider shot) anywhere…

Red phone box

…but judging by the scenery, I’m guessing it’s roughly here.

I don’t know where the box will eventually end up, but I hope the defibrillator will be of good use if necessary!

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