A not-bad Good Friday

Just a quick mile to kick off my next hundred days on my run streak…

…and then I came home for hot cross buns. I’m now making the most of the start of the long weekend – I’ve used some Easter discount codes to buy some more funky-patterned running tights. Unfortunately most of the old capri leggings I’ve been wearing for my daily runs were bought when I was bigger, just don’t fit right for running anymore, and will have to be relegated to Pilates/yoga/round-the-house leggings. This wasn’t a problem in previous years when I was only running between one and three times a week and so basically always used the same old reliable pair of Karrimor drawstring capris I’ve had since 2015, but based on our typical laundry schedule/occasional longer trips away, I do need a few more pairs that don’t keep having to be yanked up while running.

Also, funky-patterned leggings are amazing, whether you’re doing exercise or not.

Going to be spending the rest of the day (and most of the Easter weekend) making and playing videogames 🙂

Today’s earworm playlist:

Nintendo 3DS eShop – ‘Main Theme’
Traditional – ‘Hot Cross Buns’
The Dubliners – ‘Rocky Road To Dublin’

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