Avoiding the elements

I said last week after a slightly frustrating treadmill run that I would only use the treadmill on days when it’s too icy to go out, because running on the treadmill feels much faster and harder than doing the same pace on the roads, and that sort of goes against the ethos of the gentle ambling mile that I’m trying to do four days a week so that I don’t overexert myself. I expected I wouldn’t need to drag it out of the cupboard too often, as we seemed to be having a mild spell… but lo and behold, January weather has returned with a vengeance, and so out came the treadmill again this morning. Hopefully I’ll be back out on the roads tomorrow.

In addition to being icy, it’s been stormy and wet today, so I’m very glad that I’ve just been doing day job work in the house most of the day. Geth is out boardgaming, so I’ll be on my 3DS (and possibly my gaming PC later) this evening.

Not an OOTD: just been staying in with this cheerful sight instead of going out in the cold 🙂

Today’s earworm playlist:

Spice Girls – ‘Too Much’
Tomohito Nishiura – ‘Carnival Night’
Lightwood Games – ‘Link-A-Pix Theme’
Judy Garland and Lucille Bremer – ‘Meet Me In St Louis’
Tom Clelland – ‘The Present’
David Bowie – ‘Space Odyssey’

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