Approaching normality

It’s nice to have ‘normal’ days again now Christmas is over. After my run this morning, I got a chunk of housework done, then a bit of day job work, then a couple of hours videogaming.

It’ll be another fairly busy day tomorrow, not least because ukulele class is starting again! I’m excited to see what songs we’ll be learning this term.

Energy gels
Not an OOTD: Geth has bought these energy gels for us to try out in our long race training. I had one this morning and they’re sickly sickly sweet haha! Going to have another go on my long run on Sunday now that I know I don’t hate the taste.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Koichi Sugiyama – ‘Unflinchable Courage’
Teletubbies – ‘Teletubbies Say Eh-Oh’
Japan – ‘I Second That Emotion’
Sidney Samson and Wizard Sleeve – ‘Riverside (Let’s Go)’
Robbie Williams – ‘Rudolph’
The Carpenters – ‘Close To You’

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