Up and down

Definitely not better yet – I seem to keep veering between feeling totally fine and feeling like I can’t even stand up. At least I’m managing to get a few things done now during the ‘feeling fine’ hours!

I was too poorly to go to parkrun again this morning, so the date for my 100th parkrun is now the 21st December. If it gets pushed back any further (i.e. if I can’t parkrun next week either) I will be extremely cross (and also a bit worried, because the ‘bad’ stage of a cold really shouldn’t be going on for any more than a few days, let alone a fortnight!). However, I’m hopeful that I will be able to get rid of this thing in the course of the next week.

I did manage to get out and see the Marian Keyes talk at the Sage Gateshead this afternoon though. It was really good and I’ll do a more detailed post on it soon!

I have also finally managed to get my main Christmas tree up (a whole six days later than intended, but there you are). Just one last push to go tomorrow and then I will be done with the decorations (other than the few bits and pieces that I still need to do at Mum and Dad’s).

I now have two days in a row where I won’t be leaving the house, which gives me a really good opportunity to rest up and recover!

Christmas tree 2019
Not an OOTD: it’s always nice when I’ve got this tree glowing merrily away in the corner.

Today’s earworm playlist:

George Cole and Dennis Waterman – ‘What Are We Gonna Get For ‘Er Indoors?’
Coldplay – ‘Christmas Lights’
Martin & Shirlie – ‘The Way You Look Tonight’
Spandau Ballet – ‘To Cut A Long Story Short’
Sister Sledge – ‘Lost In Music’
Kuana Torres Kahele, James Ford Murphy and Napua Greig-Nakasone – ‘Someone To Lava’
Duran Duran – ‘Winter Marches On’

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