The quiet inter-Christmas

Geth and I have established a new pattern from last year onwards where we do pre-Christmas with Geth’s family around the time of Geth’s mum’s birthday, which is mid-December. This is a bit of a win-win, as it (a) means we get to celebrate Anne’s birthday with her and (b) gives us roughly a week to have our own bit of Christmas – just the two of us with our sofa and our videogames – before we join my family for Christmas itself.

Today has been a Christmas holiday kind of day. Geth has been off work for a week already and my work has thankfully been quiet this week as well (although you can never rule out a last-minute urgent client deadline on Christmas Eve, so I’m not declaring myself officially on holiday until 5pm on Tuesday!). I went and had my hair cut this morning, and since then have been relaxing with my 3DS on headphones while Geth has been playing the Switch on the main TV. I love Christmas.

Back to parkrun tomorrow morning… finally! My cold is properly gone now so I am all set.

Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology on 3DS
Not an OOTD: I’ve been playing the demo of Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology. This is a really enjoyable game and I may end up getting the full version seeing as how it’s currently on offer in the Nintendo eShop.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Perry Como – ‘It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas’
The Communards – ‘Don’t Leave Me This Way’

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