I’ve had a relaxed day today doing pre-Christmas with the in-laws. It’s always nice to get the gift-exchanging started early! I’ve drunk a lot of nosecco (it still feels strange being able to drink as much of it as I like with no ill effects) and tried not to eat too much (these days I always end up craving fruit and so on over Christmas, as I start to feel a bit ill after too many mince pies etc.). Geth and I will be having a quiet week in between this weekend’s gathering and Christmas with my family (there will be a lot of Star Wars films watched in preparation for a couple of trips to see The Rise Of Skywalker).

Tomorrow should be another quiet day – Geth and I still have a bit of Christmas shopping to do, so I’m hoping to get it finished tomorrow afternoon.

Christmas cards and presents
Not an OOTD: the Christmas cards are stacking up now!

Today’s earworm playlist:

Pink – ‘A Million Dreams’
Sister Sledge – ‘We Are Family’
‘Korobeiniki’ (the Tetris theme music)

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