Decade-plus time warp

A day of getting on with admin and writing jobs today – I’m trying to get everything finished before Christmas. One last day to get stuff sorted tomorrow!

Geth and I are now watching Britain’s Got The Pop Factor (the Peter Kay talent show parody from 2008). It’s become a bit of a Christmas tradition for us (and I can’t believe we first saw it eleven years old now, although of course the jokes have aged a bit).

Christmas compilation CD
Not an OOTD: I vowed not to buy any more music CDs and was in the process of getting rid of them all. Then I got a car with a CD player… Doing a lot of driving this Christmas so have picked up a couple of extra compilations!

Today’s earworm playlist:

Carl Doy – ‘As Time Goes By’
Duran Duran – ‘Falling Down’
Alexander Brandon – ‘Diamondus’

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