2019 Pizzas #19: The Marina Pizza Crunch

I’ve been neglecting my pizza logging for a few months, so I’d better get them all finished before the end of the year!

The best thing you get in a Scottish chippy (it has been an absolute favourite of mine since childhood) is deep-fried battered pizza. It’s basically a cheap pizza (REALLY cheap and nasty – there was one chippy that actually put one in the oven for me late at night because they’d switched off the deep-fat fryer, and when cooked in a regular way it was the most disgusting pizza I’d ever had!), covered in batter and then placed in the fryer. In Edinburgh, we smother it in chippy sauce, a sort of vinegar and brown sauce mix that tastes like manna from heaven. Make it a supper by serving with chips, and you’ve got yourself the greatest meal of all time.

Anyway, deep-fried battered pizza is also sometimes called a ‘pizza crunch’, and that’s how it was listed on the menu at the Marina in Arbroath when we stopped there for lunch on the way up to Shetland in August.

Pizza crunch
Un-chippy sauce drizzled example.

The Marina didn’t have any chippy sauce (sacrilege! we must have been too far north), but the pizza itself was perfectly good deep-fried pizza.

I suspect this won’t be the last pizza crunch of 2019 – keep your eyes open over Christmas!

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