Half asleep

Not doing very well in terms of staying awake today! I’ve had two giant glasses of Pepsi Max and three coffees and I still can’t keep my eyes open. It’s probably partly because I had to get up for parkrun this morning … but I wasn’t THAT late last night. Hopefully I’ll perk up a bit this evening!

Geth’s folks are visiting at the moment, and they’ve all gone into town to go shopping, so I’m sitting on the sofa trying not to snooze. It is most definitely hibernation season now.

Glass of cola
Not an OOTD: I’m not sure how much more of this I’m going to have to drink in order to stay awake!

Today’s earworm playlist:

The Midnight – ‘Shadows In The City’
Georgia – ‘About Work The Dancefloor’
Ollie Wride – ‘Back To Life’
Faderhead – ‘Dancers’
Koji Kondo – ‘Super Mario Bros. Theme’

And a bonus track that Geth was humming earlier:

Norman Greenbaum – ‘Spirit In The Sky’

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