Better late than never

It was another late night last night, but I finally got my Hallowe’en text adventure game finished and submitted! You can play and rate it here. I’ve really enjoyed making this game over the last month – it’s a Hallowe’en story that’s heavily inspired by my childhood Hallowe’ens in Scotland. (Look out for a game designer appearance – it’s set in 1987, and so my two-year-old self shows up in the story!)

I also had a good loss at Slimming World this morning – only one and a half pounds away from getting back into my target range now – although I imagine that was partly due to being too busy to eat over the last few days!

A busy weekend coming up (especially as I started the annual NaNoWriMo push today). Glad I’ll be able to have a couple of quieter days at the start of the week!

Pumpkin lantern
Not an OOTD: finally got to light my lantern today (a whole day after Hallowe’en actually happened!). Hoping that the pumpkin will stay unsquishy for a few days so I can keep it going till Bonfire Night.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Squeeze – Cool For Cats
Tina Turner – The Best
Tones & I – Dance Monkey
Sarah Brightman & Steve Harley – The Phantom Of The Opera

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