A working Saturday

I’ve spent most of today editing for a client, as a project came in that I won’t be able to do on Monday as I’m otherwise engaged. I wouldn’t normally do day job work on Saturday but I’m not going to complain given that work has been a bit scarce over the last month or so!

I’ve also been putting together some packages of DVDs, CDs, and books to sell on MusicMagpie and the like, continuing with my latest de-hoarding project. It gives us a bit more breathing room upstairs and helps with my stuff-related anxiety. I should have it all out of the house by the end of the month.

Ploughing on with work this evening in the hope that I can get it finished tonight!

OOTD 3rd August 2019
OOTD: I’m still not enjoying the slight mugginess that’s in the air. Hoodie Gildan for Resistanz (2016), dress unknown brand (thrifted from Steff 2016), tights Primark (2017), trainers Reebok (2013).

Today’s earworm playlist:

Billy Idol – Eyes Without A Face
Sebastian Gampl and Tommy Reeve – Under Control
Duran Duran – Notorious
Tears For Fears – Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Sebastian Gampl and Tommy Reeve – Without You
Culture Club – Time (Clock Of The Heart)
Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

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