New Hits Friday…uh, Sunday: 21st June 2019

There were four new hits in the charts this week!

Drake – Omertà

Nice atmosphere on the backing track, but it’s a bit repetitive for my liking otherwise.

There’s no video for this one, which I expected, as Drake rarely makes videos.

Drake and Rick Ross – Money In The Grave

Argh I could basically repeat what I said for the last one! Great atmosphere, but it’s too repetitive for me.

Again, there’s no video.

Little Mix – Bounce Back

Real bit of throwback ’90s pop here! It could have come off a Spice Girls or Destiny’s Child album, and that’s even before you get to the Soul II Soul sample.

The video is colourful and creepy, with Little Mix portrayed as dolls in a child’s dollhouse. I hadn’t thought about those Barbie makeup heads in years!

Taylor Swift – You Need To Calm Down

I’m not hugely keen on this track – the beat’s good but the tune’s a bit forgettable.

The Pride-themed video is set in the world’s most glamorous trailer park, with a ton of celebrity cameos. I’ve been hearing about it on the internet all week because of Katy Perry showing up in a hamburger costume (and hence ending her and Taylor’s alleged feud), but frankly that’s the least interesting part of the video (the lineup of drag queens dressed as contemporary female pop stars just about edges the embroidered Cher quote for me).

Some other chart notes of interest:

  1. I’m a few weeks late in noting that a new video has been released for Lil’ Nas X’s Old Town Road (now with Billy Ray Cyrus on guest vocals). Nas and Billy play cowboys who accidentally time-travel to 2019. Worth watching.
  2. Joy Division got to number five in the album chart just by re-releasing Unknown Pleasures on red vinyl! Again, this is something there’s been a lot of buzz about this last week.
  3. There was a good old-fashioned chart battle for number one album between Bruce Springsteen and Madonna this week, which has warmed my ’80s-loving heart. Springsteen just edged it to get the number one.

More new hits discussion next Friday!

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