Music Review: Howard Jones: Transform

This new offering from Howard Jones came out last week. I’m a little gutted that I won’t be able to catch him on tour this month (his Newcastle gig clashes with the UK Games Expo), but at least I’ve got the new album to explore.

Howard Jones - Transform

The One To Love You

We open with some chilled-out synth lines, and with that vocal I’m taken straight back to the classic hits of the ’80s! This is highly playlist-worthy and a great opener for the album. Lovely bit of piano at the end too.

Take Us Higher

A slightly more modern electro sound to this one, with the instrumentals a bit reminiscent of ’90s videogames. Very danceable.

Beating Mr Neg

This one is slightly more chilled out on the verses before launching into a nice big ’80s pop chorus, then goes all melancholy and pretty towards the end.


Lovely dreamy synthscapes on this one, and the beat is fantastic – I can’t stop chair-dancing!

Hero In Your Eyes

We’re back to the slightly videogame/8-bit feel, with a nice classic pop vocal over the top.

Tin Man Song

Some great jangly, slightly jazzy synth lines on this track, which has a lovely soulful feel to it.

At The Speed Of Love

We slow right down for a pretty synth ballad. Gorgeous tune!

Eagle Will Fly Again

Great atmosphere on this one – there’s a slightly ominous tension to the synth lines, and then another big pop chorus.


Another pretty ballad, this time with lots of piano and an epic, sweeping feel.

Stay With Me

The album closer is a funky, upbeat dance track with a bit of a ’90s feel. It feels a little jarring after the preceding super-slow ballad, but it’s a great tune.

Well, after listening to the album, I’m even more disappointed that I can’t go and see Howard Jones live this time around. I’ll just have to hope that he tours again soon!

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