Phone Box Thursday: Het Haasje, Maarheeze

Google Translate tells me that ‘het haasje’ translates as ‘the hare’. Google Maps, meanwhile, tells me that lots of roads are called ‘Het Haasje’ in the Netherlands. There is clearly a linguistic quirk at play here that I’m not quite getting.

Anyway, these two phone boxes were discovered by Mum and Dad in a petrol station cafe while travelling through Maarheeze.

Red phone boxes
Red phone boxes, Het Haasje, Maarheeze, 2nd August 2018.

(Coordinates 51°32’25.5″N, 5°59’36.4″E.)

If you click on the Google Street View link above, you can just about see the two red boxes through the window on the right hand side of the cafe.

It’s always interesting to see classic red phone boxes in non-UK locations. Surprising that these ones have found themselves in a Dutch petrol station cafe!

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