Music Review: Pet Shop Boys: Agenda

There was a new Pet Shop Boys EP released yesterday, which is always a good thing! I’ve never listened to a Pet Shop Boys record I didn’t like, largely because they are extremely reliable and consistent in what they do (i.e. great synthpop tunes). The new release, Agenda, is no exception.

Pet Shop Boys - Agenda

Let’s have a listen to the tracks.

Give Stupidity A Chance

Lovely happy synthscapes to kick off. Bit of a contrast with the doomy lyrics, but after the Specials last week I’m starting to get used to that!

On Social Media

Classic upbeat synthpop that was an instant earworm when I first listened to it on Thursday night. The rhymes are daft in an endearing way, and it’s a bit ‘old men ranting about modern technology’, but the tune is awesome and I’m going to be listening to it all week.

What Are We Going To Do About The Rich?

Great chant-along track! Another one for the daily playlist. The rhythm is fantastic.

The Forgotten Child

Something a bit slower, but gorgeously atmospheric, for the last track. Love the twinkly melancholy instrumental – it’s almost Christmassy for a minute, and then the beat drops. Gorgeous stuff.

Classic and classy as ever from PSB. Love this EP!

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