Book Review: The Girl On The Train

The Girl On The Train was one of those books that I only ended up reading because of what I think of as the Kindle’s ‘3DS effect’ – i.e. the Kindle offered me a sample to see if I liked it, similar to the way the Nintendo 3DS offers me demos of its games to see if I like them.  I’ve ended up buying a lot of 3DS games this way, and similarly, I was intrigued enough by the sample of this book to buy the whole thing.

It’s a mystery told in a really intriguing way, with lots of unreliable-but-maybe-not narrators.  For me, the most interesting character was the protagonist, Rachel, whose alcoholism means it’s often hard for both her and the reader to see things clearly.

It’s a good, gripping read and I can understand why it’s been so popular.  At some point I’ll read Paula Hawkins’ follow-up, Into The Water, to see if I enjoy it as much!

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