A non-working Sunday…

…which has been unusual recently.  Still, it meant I had the time and energy to get a bit of housework done, and that sort of counts as working on the house, right?

I also finished notifying the last few companies who send us post about our change of address (well, nearly – I’ve got a couple of phone calls to make tomorrow).  And I made that nice veg meal that I invented yesterday again, this time with added beetroot.  A nice, normal Sunday, on the whole.

Geth has started playing Final Fantasy Tactics on the PSP, so I’ve also got a whole new set of Final Fantasy music to listen to.

Going to have a bath and an early night before work starts again tomorrow.

OOTD 2nd September 2018
OOTD: Sunday comfort. T-shirt Hanes for VNV Nation (2005), skirt Electric Cabaret (2005).

Today’s earworm playlist:

The Housemartins – Happy Hour
Duran Duran – Notorious
Rod Stewart – The First Cut Is The Deepest
Final Fantasy XIII-2 – Plains Of Eternity

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