Woman of the year!

I didn’t feel like woman of the split second today (I was a bit delicate after a few drinks last night), let alone woman of the year, but that’s the award I got from my Slimming World group this morning!

Lilies and roses
I got these lovely flowers to celebrate.

I sort of feel like I didn’t earn it, because we didn’t vote on it like we usually do.  The reason is that I’m the only person in my group who qualifies for the regional competition, because I’ve lost more than four stone.  I have to fill in a questionnaire for my consultant to send in along with before and after photos, which is a bit nervewracking!

After group and a bit of email admin, I had a nice afternoon off.  Back to work tomorrow!

OOTD 16th August 2018
OOTD: posing with my Slimming World award goodies! Blouse H&M (2018), vest top Primark (2016), leggings Primark (2018), boots Primark (2017). Photo by Emma Butler at my Slimming World group.

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