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A day of getting out and about and getting stuff done!

I went for a long run this morning – it’s less than five weeks till the Great North Run now, so I have to get those in every week – and then Geth came home with a bottle of cava to celebrate some financial news.  We had a glass and listened to the DJ set he’d mixed yesterday, and then headed off into town.

After picking up a few necessary bits and pieces in the shops, we went to the tailor to collect the smart clothes we’d put in on Friday.  Geth’s suit needed a lot of taking in, and my bridesmaid dress needed the shoulders raised in order to sort the length out.  They both look a lot better now!

A quick trip to the pub, and then home to listen to some more of the DJ set.  I think we’ll both know it off by heart in a few days’ time.

OOTD 7th August 2018
OOTD: running about town outfit. Blouse H&M (2018), skirt Gap (2007), trainers Reebok (2013).

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