2018 Ciders #29: Stella Cidre

I used to drink a lot of Stella Cidre – when Geth and I lived in Southampton, our local Sainsbury’s often had it on offer.  To be honest, Sainsbury’s probably do still often put it on offer, but as my drinking has massively reduced since I joined Slimming World, it’s been a very long time since the days when I would buy a whole box of cider to drink over the course of a weekend.  As such, this cider is now a very occasional treat.

Stella Cidre
Stella Cidre.

It’s got a lovely sweet taste, just the right level for an apple cider.  It’s a real favourite, and now I’ve been reminded of it, I may start drinking it more often again.  Not a whole box at once though!  Those days are behind me.

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