Phone Box Thursday: Royal Mile, Edinburgh

We’re still on the Royal Mile, phone box fans – we’ll be here for a week or two yet.

Red phone boxes
Red phone boxes, Royal Mile, Edinburgh, 25th January 2016.

(Coordinates 55°95’00.2″N, 3°18’91.1″W.)

The Street View image linked above is actually the 2016 image rather than the most recent 2018 update, because the 2018 photo is RAMMED with people due to having been taken in August during the Festival. You can click through on the upper left box on the Street View page to see the 2018 picture.

I really like this row of three.  It’s quite hard to catch a picture of them without tourists hanging off the doors in order to do the same thing during busy times (and you can see someone actually using the one on the left here!  Wonderful to see it being used!), but it was worth hanging around on this particular day, ’cause I think they’re very pretty all lined up like that.

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