The snow is here

So the snow that put me off hiring a car for today arrived overnight.  Half a foot of it.  It’s very pretty, but a) I’ve been sick of winter for six weeks already and b) it’s very badly timed for us.

Snow-laden garden
A bunch of stuff in my new garden that I hadn’t even looked at until a load of snow fell on it.

We were awake at half past six, which was probably for the best, given that the fridge-freezer delivery guys showed up at seven on the dot.  I had to go back to the old house to wait in for the van man and finish off all my online tasks given that we’re going to be internet-less (shudder) for a couple of days; unfortunately, I soon got a call from the van man to let me know that he wouldn’t be able to make it today because of the snow.  It’s possible that he could manage tomorrow, but it’s looking unlikely, given that tomorrow’s snow is meant to be even worse.

Geth had a bit more luck this morning, as both the washing machine delivery guys and the locksmith apparently showed up without any problems, so we now have a shiny new fridge-freezer and washing machine sitting next to each other in the garage, and new locks for our exterior doors.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of van man and the fact that the carpet cleaning people are coming to the old house tomorrow morning, we’re going to have to spend the rest of today getting our remaining stuff across to the new house, somehow.  Geth is going to walk back and forth with as much of it as possible, and then hopefully we’ll be able to fit the rest in a taxi, even if it takes us a few trips.

I know from bitter experience that moving is never straightforward, but this move really is taking the cake.

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