Victorian ceiling details

There are many things I am not going to miss about living in a Victorian build – draughts, damp and dust being the TLDR version.  What I am going to miss, though, are the ceilings.  I love ceilings in Victorian buildings.

First of all, they’re nice and high, and coupled with the larger rooms you tend to get in such houses, they give a real airy sense of space.  I grew up in a Victorian building – my parents still live there – and so I often find more modern houses with their low ceilings to be a bit claustrophobic.

The main thing, though, is the pretty detailing you get on the ceilings.  The house in which I grew up has absolutely beautiful cornices, at which I still find myself staring for ages whenever I visit home.  The house in which we live at the moment doesn’t have cornices, sadly, but it does have this lovely arch detail in the downstairs hallway:

Victorian plaster arch
Intricate plaster arch in our current hallway.

…and this ceiling rose in the living room:

Victorian ceiling rose
Ceiling rose with light fitting in the centre.

…both of which I absolutely love.  I will miss these pretty embellishments when we move into a more modern building, but I am looking forward to better insulation and hoovering not being a largely pointless exercise!

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