New (old) glasses

Since I got my latest pair of glasses in summer 2017, I’ve been wearing my previous pair for cardio exercise, a) to keep my new ones nice and b) because the arms of my new ones are too thin to fit into my Croakies.  This was okay for a while, but recently my old pair have really been starting to hurt my nose (they have those twiddly plastic nubs on wire that rest either side of your nose rather than a moulded plastic bit of the frame – I could probably look up the technical terms, but glasses-wearers will know what I mean), and so tonight I went through all my ancient pairs to see if I could find a better option for exercise glasses.

Glasses collection
My glasses, 2000-present. The fact that a lot of them have broken arms and/or loose lenses perhaps indicates I’m a bit harder on glasses than I should be.

I’ve been wearing glasses since I was fifteen, but a lot of my old pairs are broken.  Yes, I keep them around anyway – I’ve taken steps to curb my hoarding tendencies in recent years, but when a complete collection is involved the lure of eventually running a crazy old lady museum where I can show terrified visitors my Complete! Unbroken! Line! of glasses going back to 2000 is too great, and so the stuff stays in my possession.  I have some issues.

Anyway, other than my current ones and my now-uncomfortable pair, I only have two unbroken pairs in my collection, and one of them a) is my very first pair and hence far too ancient a prescription, b) has similar discomfort issues from what I remember, and c) has thin wire frames like my current pair, so would have the same Croakies issue.  That leaves a grand total of one option, which I’ve been wearing tonight to see if the feel is okay.  As you might expect from an older pair of glasses, the prescription does feel a bit off, but for cardio that doesn’t matter too much – it’s really just to keep me from being so blind I’m bumping into people.  One of the lenses also looks slightly warped in the frame, but after some experimental fiddling I reckon it’s lodged in there pretty firmly and probably not at risk of coming loose.  As such, I think they’ll do.

I probably should just buy another pair for exercise at some point, but due to a new house and car, 2018 is definitely not going to be a spendy year, so that may be a 2019 project.

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